Welcome to Conn Air.

Hi there, my names Conn, thanks for visiting my blog “Conn Air”. I am a media student in Gort, Co. Galway, Ireland.  Me and my class focus on radio. Its a really hands on course, where we get to produce our own shows, learn lots about radio production, sound editing and sound in general.  We have our own little studio where we present our shows and stream them live. We even got our own online radio station called “Sound Quake Radio”. I am going to be using this blog to share the shows I have produced, the progress we are making, what were learning, the music I love and maybe even news and stuff with you guys. If you would like to check out our Stations WordPress account you will find a link on my blog. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. We do a lot of shows, with each show having its own genre of music. We also have talk shows and news and weather. You can listen to us stream live which is very cool i think! My segment is called “Conn Air” and I’ve got something for everyone, its really a mixed bag of music . So tune in. I promise your gonna love it.